Data migration specialists with a proven track record of success

The Data Sauce team knows exactly what it takes to get the job done right

We deliver faster, more cost-effective
data migration across multiple systems

Data migration – it’s what we’re good at.

Many data migration projects will blow out budgets or fail the business due to flawed strategy or execution. That’s because data migration projects are often complex, time-consuming and involve an intricate web of systems, technology and people.

You don’t know what you don’t know. Data migration isn’t necessarily something you do multiple times in your career, and often comes up as a need toward the end of a system upgrade – despite the success of the project depending on it.

It’s a dark art that takes time to master, which can make it hard to know where to start or who to turn to for help. That’s where Data Sauce comes in.

Our founder, Terry Patmore, established Data Sauce in 2010. Our success in New Zealand, particularly in Health and Government data migrations, has been recognised offshore and our global team now service clients across Australasia and North America.

For the past decade, we’ve done nothing else but deliver successful data migrations. Over that time, we’ve worked diligently to hone our processes, so we can provide faster, more cost-effective data migrations, even for the most challenging projects.

Whatever your data migration requirements, we provide a clear three-step process, real-time visibility and a reconciliation guarantee – all for a set price and timeframe.

Our Leadership

Our global team is lead by our Directors, Terry Patmore and Greg Murphy, both of whom are hands on with clients. They keep the engines running, ensuring projects are delivered on time, to budget, and 100% reconciled to agreed targets.


Terry Patmore


Terry Patmore has spent the latter half of his career solely focussed on data migrations. His first large-scale migration was in health care – with Southern Cross – and ever since Terry and the Data Sauce team have completed numerous successful migrations across multiple industries and countries.

Terry has seen first-hand the high stakes of data migration projects in his work across some of the largest Corporates in Australasia. Get it wrong and the project doesn’t deliver, and even worse the business can grind to a halt. He also understands that most businesses only ever do a data migration once. That’s why over his career he has created a library of code that delivers to different system migrations, providing the ability to deliver both faster and more cost-effective projects, as well as provide transparency and real time tracking.

Driven by accuracy and efficiency, Terry’s mantra is ‘reconciled = done.’


Greg Murphy

Project Director

As Project Director, Greg leads the teams implementing the migrations, providing strategic oversight and expertly managing risk. A fervent advocate for progress and efficiency, Greg thrives on solving challenges to enhance results for all involved.

Guiding clients through transformative transitions is one of Greg’s many specialties, honed during his varied roles in fast moving Software and Technology companies. Greg knows how the right technology and accessible data can transform a business. He is particularly motivated by challenging yet tangible goals, and in the data migration world he gets great satisfaction when the outputs match the end-user requirements.

Collaborating with teams to map out and complete meaningful projects that deliver real improvements is what Greg does best.