Guaranteed data migration in
three simple steps

With a real-time dashboard and reconciliation guarantee

At Data Sauce we know how to handle large amounts of data, and how to migrate it in the right way for your business. Whether your goal is targeting business efficiencies or elevating customer experience, our specialists will develop a data migration strategy to suit. From ensuring data integrity to adhering to security measures, we handle every part of the data migration project with precision. ​

Our team has experience across multiple industries and understands the nuances required. This is particularly relevant in Healthcare Migrations where we work to HL7 standards, in Government Migrations involving additional security and authorisation measures, or in Corporate Migrations with business critical outcomes. ​

Our approach is transparent and has in built checks to ensure stakeholders understand what’s happening throughout the project. We can perform all aspects of the data migration process with our easy three step process.

1. Discover
Review your systems, data and pricing

We facilitate a one day Data Profile Workshop to get under the skin of your project.

2. Migrate
We get to work migrating your data

A visible three-phase process to Extract, Transform and Load your data.

3. Reconcile
Our job isn’t done until your data is reconciled

Accurate data delivery into your new systems – guaranteed.

Not sure where to start?

“Your data fully reconciled – guaranteed”



We’ve done this before across multiple systems, so can get moving quickly to ensure you’re on deadline



A set price and timeline mean you know exactly what you’re getting



Our job is done when your data is reconciled to our agreed reconciliation targets